Business Analyst Role in Creating a Test Plan

Below are roles and responsibilities of various people involved in the software development.

The overall purpose of testing is to ensure the given software application performs at an acceptable level for the customer. This document outlines the detailed plan for user acceptance testing of this application.

This test plan will be used to record the customer’s sign off of the documented scenarios. Detailed test scripts/cases have been developed and will be used to record the results of user testing. This document is a high level guide, and is not intended as a replacement for any specific user acceptance test procedures that individual areas might have.

Roles and Responsibilities

Resource Type Responsibilities Name

Project Manager: Communication with customer to agree on format and scope of UAT

* Agreement of acceptance criteria with the customer prior to commencing UAT

Business Analyst: Assist customer with the creation of a detailed test plan

Quality Lead: Ensure that a uat test plan detailed test plan is available for test users

* Ensure that bugs identified during UAT are logged in Test Director

* Ensure validation takes place within agreed time frames

Quality Analyst : Execute test-scripts/cases to ensure the application performs at an acceptable level.

* Document test-results.

Testing Requirements

* Testing will take place in clients location. Some testers may choose to perform some testing from their regular workstations where it is possible. Test results must still be coordinated with others.

* UAT will take place beginning after the initial development of single module or part of the software application.

* Identified testing participants will receive instructions prior to the start of testing.

* Identified test participants will perform the equivalent of their normal business function in the upgraded environment.

* Test scripts/cases and scenarios will be prepared prior to the start of UAT.

* The Business team has reviewed and accepted functionality identified in the business requirements and software requirements documents.

* Code breakthroughs/reviews will be completed by the development team.

* Unit test will be completed by the development team prior to release to the test team.

* Testers will test what is documented in the requirements.

* All changes to requirements will be communicated to the test team.

* Resources identified in this plan are available to validate the application and resolve defects and address issues as they are raised by the test team.

* That the delivery of the product to production contains all setup, etc., that is necessary for optimum performance in the production site. Risks

Description of Risk Mitigation Strategy

Risk #1

Risk #2

Risk #3

Risk #4

Additional Project Documents

All project documents are located at: enter MS Project Share Point Team Site location

Sign-off and Acknowledgment

I understand that by agreeing to participate in this testing through the execution of the testing plan, I approve of the activities defined and authorize my department to participate as documented for the successful implementation of this application in our department. So it is very important for a business analyst to know the process of creating a test plan.




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