Can Artificial Intelligent Software Be Creative? Can Computers Do Creative Things?

Many folks believe that computers will never be as smart as human beings and to them it is almost like a religion. Of course, computer scientists generally believe that human intelligence will be surpassed in nearly every human task in the future. If you consider this debate carefully, you might say that humans do not want to be passed by computers and therefore they claim it cannot be done.

Others might say that humans are in denial and “resistance if futile” like that famous Sci Fi quote, the future cometh. Indeed, careful psychological profiling of humans strong resistance and refusal to admit that soon they will be surpassed a little ego-centric. If you listen to religious folks, philosophers, futurists and computer scientists discuss this at length you will find nearly all will agree that in some tasks like playing chess or tic-tac-toe that the computer can be smarter.

However, they will also all agree that the real kicker will be creativity. That is to say; “Can Artificial Intelligent Software Be Creative? Can Computers Do Creative Things?” And in this round of debates, religious folks will say no because this is what separates human intelligence from fake intelligence or artificial intelligence. Of course, the diehard computer scientists and futurists say that even in creativity computers will surpass people; able to draw, paint, design and even write poetry better than humans.


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