Two Good Thieves by Daniel Finn

Two Good Thieves by Daniel Finn is a story of an unnamed South American city where Demi and Baz are snatching wallets and purses from smug rich people and delivering the same to Fay who is the den mother. They dream of getting out of the slum one day at a date they are themselves not sure of. Though they are extremely streetwise, they are just children and have become smarter due to the challenging conditions they face.

There Is A Better World Waiting

Demi is still in his pre-teens though bazinga he has a smart mouth which seems much older than he actually is. Everyone in this underworld is extremely aged and only these two characters (especially the girl, Baz) believe there is a better world for them somewhere. They have to face many dangers before they can reach that better life. Compassion is not a very highly looked at quality in this part of the world. They understand very well, if they get caught, they’ll only get a one way ticket to the Castle Prison.

They Have Seen Worse Things in Life

The book by Daniel Finn chillingly describes the tough life of the two thieves and the dark underbelly of the world they live in. Baz has also seen a boy being shot in broad daylight while he was running from the Police – and nobody batted an eyelid over the incident. The den mother Fay has a reputation of dropping the kids in her charge the moment she thinks they have become a liability. She works under the crime boss Senor Moro whose henchmen quickly neutralize anyone who steps out of the line. If you get the feeling this is the story for the youngsters, you must be mistaken, this is too dark.

From Bad to Worse

The story of the book Two Good Thieves can hardly be called gritty (because it’s terrifying) and it gets worse as the protagonists choose the dangerous next target who is the wife of a Police chief. To add to the story of Two Good Thieves by Daniel Finn, the Police chief and the woman also have a son who was adopted from the same woman Fay. The son of the Police chief dreams of eliminating all his three parents and wants to become the gangland boss.

Corrupt To the Core

The dangerous world created by the author is corrupt to the core though you’ll still find deep humanity within the story by Daniel Finn. Baz serves as the eyes and ears of the readers who is likeable though she has a talent for duplicity at the same time. While it is obvious Baz and Demi are very skilled at the art of stealing, the question remains whether they are good people also or not? This is the story of two children up against a dangerous world where nobody thinks about their welfare.

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