Bailey Olympus 464 Caravan – Does It Live Up To The Hype?

The Olympus is the second generation of Bailey caravans to feature its Alu-Tech construction. It has thicker walls with a ten year body guarantee. A good start to this new caravan I think.

The layout of the 464 is quite a common one that UK caravan manufacturers offer, but I thought that with such a large fixed bed that it would compromise on space elsewhere.

Well the verdict on that one is wisegolfers that there is no compromise. It is a good size double bed with a really comfortable mattress, one of the best I have seen. The bed is fixed with hinges with gas-assisted struts to provide storage underneath and two reading lights for a bedtime read, but alas only one side shelf to put your cup of coffee, so you may argue which side of the bed you sleep on with your partner on this one.

The rear bathroom next to the bedroom does a good job with adequate space available. You have a fold-back screen that gives a good separation from the shower to the toilet. The washbasin is outside the shower room in the bedroom area with some shelving which I think is a nice touch to store some toiletries on. You have great lighting and a large mirror above the washbasin.

The living area is good; you have good quality upholstery and can easily seat six. The lighting is efficient too with a spotlight on each side and background LED strip lighting. There is an optional extra of a front chest of drawers which offers more table-top space for meals, but it does add an extra 13kg of weight to the front which will affect the overall towing ability.

Very often with caravans I have been in, the kitchen and the worktop gets squeezed in, almost as an afterthought. With the Olympus 464 this is no exception. In its defence the large hob and spinflo sink look very classy and are very practical. On the negative side the larger hob means that the power point located on the wall has to be moved to left-hand side by the tap which leaves it useless for an electric kettle or toaster. There is a generous amount of space on the drop-down worktop where you can place electrical gadget, but again there is not a power point nearby unless you have a long extension lead to plug into the socket in the television locker above.

Overall this is a very well built caravan, especially with the Alu-Tech body design as it gives it the added build quality and strength which out does its rivals. It has great insulation and bedding but be aware of the kitchen as there are some drawbacks there. Priced at £14,390 on the road with free delivery is good value.

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