Some of the Greatest Scots Through History

Great Scots! Scotland is a country steeped in history. As far back as history books care to account there has been a colourful paint pot of antiquity spattering lineage of many great Scots onto the face of the earth never to be forgotten. From as far back as the Pictish invasion from Ireland and the Norse raids Scotland has been at the centre of strife, war, creativity and very often invention.

Inventions Scotland has been at the universitycafe forefront of many of the world’s greatest inventions and moments of true inspiration. Some of the greatest and most renowned engineers came from Scotland and their names and intellects are so often commemorated in the names of great universities within the country. James Watt most notably (Of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh) was a mechanical engineer who’s improvements to the steam engine where fundamental in driving forward the industrial revolution.

Progress has been dramatically dragged forward by the earlobe by many other great Scots and their world changing inventions.

John Logie Baird pioneered the invention of the first working television. An invention that would truly revolutionise the world in ways that even such great minds could not have possibly comprehended at the time. Another invention that would change the world was the telephone created by Alexander Graham Bell. Between these two Scottish inventors they have created two of the most vital communication devices that the world has ever seen that would spawn countless evolutions and connect the world.

Creativity In addition, Scotland wasn’t just the home of the technical inventors. Scotland has flourished creatively throughout its great history. One of the most popular writers of the 1800 and subject of the largest monument dedicated to a writer in the world, Sir Walter Scott was the creator of such great literary works as Ivanhoe and Rob Roy. Also a noted playwright and poet Scott was for his time a true superstar with acclaim across Europe, Australia and North America.

Another great written from the city’s capital would go on to create of the greatest literary characters of all time. A certain Sherlock Holmes was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and would go on to become a character in many novels and films after his first appearance in The Study in Scarlet in 1887.

Medicine The medical world also owes a great deal to Sir Alexander Fleming. A noted and enthusiastic biologist, it was to be Fleming’s discovery of the antibiotic penicillin that won him acclaim and the Nobel Prize in Medicine. This discovery would become recognised as one of the single greatest discoveries in the field of medicines entire history.

Other notable Scots in medical history include Professor Ian Donald (inventor of the ultrasound scanner), John Haldane (Invented decompression technique to prevent the bends in divers) and Marie Stopes (who opened the UK’s first family planning clinic in London).

War & Strife Of course Scotland’s history was not all invention and industry. Scotland’s history has been one blighted by struggle from the highland clearances to the subjugation to the English. However, out of war and torment, great leaders can often rise and the truly unforgettable William Wallace, a Scottish knight and landowner would fight the English in the Scottish Wars of Independence.

Having defeated the English during the battle of Stirling Bridge, Wallace was eventually captured and handed over to King Edward I of England. He was hanged, drawn and quartered for high treason but would go onto become a revered Scottish hero and symbol for Scottish tenacity and character commemorated by Wallace monument in Stirling.

It is through this natural tenacity and ability to rise against adversity that has seen Scotland for centuries to be at the forefront of history’s great events. From Medicine to Revolution Scotland’s history is one of colourful characters and momentous events. It is assured that the future will benefit even further from the Scottish people who even today remain at the edge of forward thinking and creativity.

Hanson Black is a proud Scot who has spent a great deal of time learning the history of his fascinating homeland. He has travelled, learning about the Pict people of central Scotland and the Edinburgh apartments, causeways and cavernous underground that paint a colourful history.


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