Word of Mouth Marketing Goals

There must be some reason why business coaches and mentors say it takes about 12 months before someone might purchase your products or hire you, when you are starting, or new at, an online business. People become acquainted with you through your website/blog, ezines, emails, Social Media – but how do you get to know them better. We know that establishing trust takes time, and sometimes that means adding value without receiving business.

It’s sort of like dating – when you are brought together by a friend, you automatically seem to feel more comfortable. This is because you already trust and like your friend, and someone they might recommend might be ok, too. And, this is what word of mouth marketing really is. It is when somebody else adds something good about you, or your new date/friend, the trust factor increases dramatically. People believe what their friends and neighbors say about you or your business

When you are an online entrepreneur, or business owner – you become more of an expert by staying in touch with the people you work with and you are listening to your target market and learning from them. This is nurturing your relationships. Just like you nurture your relationships with a new friend, your spouse, children, well, you get the picture.

It pays off, doesn’t it? You bring your wife flowers – you send your customer a holiday note, reminding them that you are thinking about them. You feel good because you’ve given of yourself, your time and effort – and they feel they are getting to know you better as you take time out for them. You will be remembered with warm thoughts.

You’ll begin to build momentum from these accumulated actions. Word of mouth marketing happens from a lot of little actions helping your business grow with what may seem like small things. It allows you to market in steps, with systems in place, and then connecting with your target market regularly.

People can’t get to know you online – except through your marketing content. They can’t see you; feel your warmth and sincerity. But, you can help build that relationship by getting into interesting conversations as you interact with people online and become more involved in your target market.


  • As you pay attention to what people are saying about you, you’ll learn what people want, helping you directly market to their solutions.
  • I have heard it said: talk about what your clients are talking about. Try it out – it is an important part of your online and offline marketing.
  • Have a real interest in others. Get clear about how you can serve and what you can give.


So how do you get talked about, in great ways? Word of mouth marketing starts when you open a conversation with people about something you care about and have in common.

Make it a goal, a habit, to be aware of and care about your clients’ problems. Your clients have always been wearing a sign on their back – it says “listen to me, I am important”.

Your goal is to have others spread the word about you. So, get to know them, listen and create your business with the solution to their problem.

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Donna L. Ward is an author and as a business coach, is spiritually gifted in helping others find and clear their busine

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