3 Secrets of Tourism Marketing Success With Online “Word of Mouth” Advertising and Podcasting

Want to know to the top three travel marketing secrets and how you can automate these proven strategies to grow your business easily? A travel industry business & marketing survey Tourism Business Strategies reconfirmed by a large margin the three most successful marketing methods used globally.


  1. Word of mouth & referrals from your best clients
  2. Your own travel website
  3. Regular E-mail outreach to prospects and former clients


Here is how to combine these three proven strategies that is guaranteed to supercharge your travel marketing and sales conversions using online audio, video and Podcasts. Plus it is simple to use, low cost or even FREE.

Imagine when a prospect visits your website, they could actually hear and/or see your best clients enthusiastically giving testimonials about your destination or service. This is the ultimate combination of Word of Mouth Advertising, referrals and technology that will absolutely increase your sales inquiries and conversions! It is like having your best clients selling for you with audio testimonial 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on your website.

Five Simple Steps to Get Your Tourism Client Selling for You


  1. I use and recommend a low-cost online service that gives you a private phone numbers for your clients to call in on.
  2. Ask your best clients to provide 1-minutes enthusiast endorsements for you.
  3. When they hang up, their testimonial is automatically converted into an audio file and stored your web-based account.
  4. Publishing the audio on your website or e-mail with simple Click to Play buttons.
  5. Publish the quotes around the globe in a podcast. If you have a video, you can publish it on your website with high quality because your video is streamed in from their broadband server.

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