Biodegradable Plastic Bags – Unique Solution for Protecting Enviroment

Environmentally Friendly Carrier Bags is the latest and excellent packing way help protect the environment at now. Given below are some facts and views for this particular type of carrier bag.

Plastic packaging industry is thriving in the new economy and causes the threat to environment with huge number of wastes. The reasons for it are the increasing needs of consuming and the marketing of companies using plastic carrier bags as promotional strategies. Moreover, its price is so cheap, therefore, it has short lifetime and people easily dispose them into the environment. In one country alone, more than two billion plastic bags are thrown away every year. Imagine in the next ten or fifteen you have in your cupboard or in your pantry, imagine how big of a pile two billion really is?

Throwing plastic bags is a threat to our atmosphere?

It can take hundreds of years for plastic to degrade, and even when it degraded into small pieces, it can become food for animal, therefore, plastic garbage causes the high risk for environment. It produces the greenhouse gas emission, pollution in process of degrading in centuries. Bags when becoming the food for animals can kill them particularly birds and marine life.

Why we should choose degradable plastic bag?

Many ideas have been created as solution to find out the replacement for plastic bags such as using other materials, recycling… however; those solutions seem to be not effective. The convenience and prominent characteristics (low weight, cheap price, and water resistance) can not be replaced by other substances; the substitutes suggested usually appear not as good as plastics. Research found out that producing paper even takes more cost and energy as well as cause more pollution. Recycling, on the other hand, can be practical but it would not meet the demand with recycle plastic bags and we never could collect them all. Actually, in reality, only 1% of plastic bag has been recycled (US: 2% recycle rate).

The method which has been proved effectively is producing degradable plastic bag. A degradable additive called EPI or D2W is mixed in to the polythene film blend during the manufacturing process. The lifespan of the bag is determined by the amount of additive used and the environmental conditions the bag is kept in, as the degradation process begins when bags are exposed to oxygen, light, heat. Degradable carrier bags, biodegradable plastic bags can be printed many colors and it looks still very nice.

This extra stage costs more very little fee compared with before- the same machine, same supplier…The specialty here is a new characteristic added to plastic bags which fix the deficit of the old material. The eco friendly carrier bags can be degraded within 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or 36 months… instead of existing centuries as before and leave no harmful residue.

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