The Essential Importance of Being in Charge of a Relationship, How to Take Charge of Your Girl

It is an unfortunate fact that most men do not know how to take charge of a relationship. I am not saying that women are inferior in any way. All I am trying to say is that if you want to be successful for the long term in your relationship you really do need to know the ways to take charge of your girl and maintain control in your relationship. Read on and I will show you all about it…

Why it is likely you will fail if you are not in charge of a relationship.

You lose a ton of status if she is the one who is in charge of your relationship. You will be seen as weak and because of this your girl will slowly lose respect and admiration for you. Once this happens you will no longer be a challenge; because of this she may easily see you as clingy and lose all interest. To stop this from happening you need to take charge of your girl as early as possible. Show her you, “wear the pants”. You desire her to see you as confident and bold. Woman are liberated and often very strong these days, but for purpose of a good relationship you need to take charge and take some of that power from her.

Take charge early and often

You need to make moves to obtain dominance right from the start. It is all about doing things right from the start. If you let it go for a while it may be impossible to take charge; once you give away leadership in a relationship, it is almost impossible to regain it. You must show her you are powerful and dominant. Lead her, treat her nicely, be a gentleman and above all maintain control of your relationship. If you do all of this and take charge of your girl, you will keep her interested in you for a long time and preserve your relationship.

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