The price of gold

‘”New Zealand continues to be vigilant,” he says. “The Government is rightly cautioning that the virus is still circulating around the world and that New betrouwbare corona testen
Zealand must work hard to keep it from returning. They also must maintain readiness to reintroduce control measures if it does.””

Constant vigilance, due diligence in the interest of the well being of the community of this entire nation and the amazing cooperation of the public

Some weeks ago my next door neighbor Alice decided to dispose her gold trinkets that she had stored away in her drawers for years together without using them. Many of these pieces were outdated and old fashioned and quite unfit for modern day use. She thought why not sell them for whatever they were worth. Alice’s daughter and son in law were in need of some quick cash and Alice thought this was a good way to make some serious cash without hurting anybody.

At that time the price of gold was still pretty much up there and the economy was still reeling off the effects of a painful but receding recession. Without a second’s thought and without consulting anybody in particular she drove down to her nearest jewelry store to display her wares. Alice and I were living in a quite upmarket neighborhood in Orange county at that time and she used to frequently see the signs “we buy your gold-best prices” in store windows displayed prominently in quite a few places in Aliso Viejo

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