5 Groundbreaking SEO Tips To Rank Your

These 5 basic tips will help you to rank your website on top of search results. Your website is your best and most valuable tool and you must be sure that you maximize its potentials. Everyone has equal chance to rank their website on top of search rankings of search engine results, and here are some very simple steps you can take to hit the first rank on search engines result pages.

My groundbreaking SEO tips:

Writing Posts Accurately

The 1st step taken by any SEO seo dubai campaign is to ensure that your Web Pages are accurate. This means that you have to make sure there are no dead links (links that point to or go to a 404 page) and no spelling mistakes and inaccuracies in your posts. Such errors are flagged as a red alert by search engine spiders when they come to crawl your site or index your site, and this all things will have a negative effect on your website’s user experience and SEO.

Page Title Related To The Content

You must be sure that the page title you gave to your pages suits the individual page that it represents. If it’s a Homepage of a Gold Jewellery Shop in any City, then the page title should be something like “Need Cheap and Durable Gold Neckless?” and Description should be something like – “We create affordable and top quality Gold Jewellery in Dubai”.

300 words rule

Ever noticed Blog Posts or Website Pages that are ranking high on Google Search Engine? Those pages definitely have more than 300 words written on every web page or blog posts. In short words, you have to create content relevant to your website so that the search engines will look at your web pages and your website as a valuable thing. You should tell your customers about the services you offer, your current employees, You work with, Your current approach and the types of work you are doing. The more of the content you have, The better results you will get – as long as it’s related to your website.

Adding Pictures To The Web Pages

Adding Pictures will make your web pages a lot more valuable. We would strongly recommend you to make some very high quality pics of your premises, the staff at your work. You should know that your website is a shop’s window and you should make sure that it looks its best.

Adding IMG ALT Tags to Images

Uploading Images to Web Page is good but you need to add ALT Tag to images to describing the image to search engines. If you uploaded an image of a SmartPhone to your Web Page, whithout the IMG ALT Tag “A SmartPhone by Samsung” the Image will be valueless to Search Engines.

Appropriate URLs

The Urls of your Web Pages are very Important for Optimizing your Page for a keyword. You should make sure that the URL of your Web Page reflects the keywords of your Page Title. If your Web Page is about “How to SEO” than your URL should be something like []

These are the 5 very important SEO techniques and are very easy to do.

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