Landing Page With Video Gets Results

Video marketing is a great way to provide information online like seminars, conferences, product launches, webinars and company updates.

A video landing page is a critical component of any video marketing campaign, so, let’s take a closer look at video landing pages, to see how they work and to give you some insights that will drive up your desired results.

When we say ‘video landing page’ we mean the web page where your video is streamed and your key metric is thiết kế landing page sáng tạo‘conversion’. For email marketers, the goal is to stimulate the visitor to take some sort of action, lead by an offer or discount.

All marketing takes time and creative energy to drive traffic, so you need a video landing page that delivers! With a little thought, you can take a template and turn it into your own company branded page which will encourage the visitor to take action.

Tips For Branding your Video Landing Page

These tips are a result of looking and monitoring 1000’s video landing pages and these suggestions will assist you in improving any template.

Tip 1. Reduce the Bounce.

When a visitor lands on your video landing page, they quickly decide if they are going to stay and statistics show they decide within six seconds of hitting your page. It really is an impulse decision, so your lead message and content is critical. The old adage of “you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression” comes into play so you need to have,

an attention grabbing headline that instantly communicates your offer,
the clickable image (or best frame) that displays before your video is streamed, something that will make the visitor think ” I’ll watch that”, and
short, snappy messaging that entices the visitor to take action.
Tip 2. Its About the Video

The video landing page is more than another page on your web site. The video is the main actor, taking center stage, so use links and URLs wisely, if they click away too early they might miss the key message in your video, even if they visit your your website it’s unlikely they will return to your page.

So what you say, “I got them to visit my site”, if they visit my web site then they are interested in us,” then you have forgotten about “conversion”. Getting customer conversion is bigger than visitor clicks, so use links and url’s wisely.

Tip 3. Mix and match

The design of your video landing page must match your message and be well branded. The key is for a visitor to recognize your brand on the page.

Also when using a templates, remember to create new landing pages for each video campaign you run.

Tip 4. Less is more

You may be tempted to fill up every space with lots of text or messaging to promote your product or offer. Don’t.

Rather, let your video do the talking, be selective with your video landing page design. If some of the text does not reinforce the key video message then take it out!!.

Tip 5. Easy on the eye

Make it easy to read, clear text, short sentences, avoid jargon and too many CAPITALS

Also bullet points are very effective than a long paragraph. Don’t stuff your page with paragraphs.

Tip 6. Don’t lose them

So the visitor has viewed the video, seen the offer and is hot to trot, (1) where do they click next (its called the eye-path) and (2) where does this click bring them?

Point 1 is about a nice, easy to see, “Click here” or “Visit Us” tile.

On point 2, the click has to bring them to an action page – sign up, register or purchase. They have had the sales pitch, now give them the product,

Tip 7. Gain trust

Including a physical address and telephone number or even a a link to your privacy policy will increase the trust level of a visitor to your video landing page.

We hope you enjoy these tips and using them will help drive up your conversion rates on your video landing pages [–].

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