Common Questions and Misconceptions Among Muslims

A large number of the Muslims are confounded by the inquiry that in the event that Allah understands what we will do why, at that point does he need to send us in this world on the off chance that we don’t have a will.

Indeed, we do have a will. Allow me to give you a model. Prior to a test, an instructor surmises that this kid will come up short and this one will start things out in the class. Presently when the outcome comes, the supposition made by the instructor end up being right yet the kid who fizzled can’t state that I fizzled in light of the fact that the educator said it. Essentially, Allah has limitless information so what we call His conjectures they are not actually surmises since Allah’s purported surmises are awesome. Allah understands what we will do however we are indeed doing it of our freedom of thought.

In the event that Allah had straightforwardly sent us to Heaven or Hell, the ones entering Heaven would be upbeat however the ones who might enter Hell would fight saying that we may have gone to the correct way so since Allah has sent us here, we won’t have the option to state anything against Allah’s choice on the Day of Resurrection. Take the above case. In the event that the instructor gave the outcomes without taking the tests, the understudies who might get less checks would dissent.

The misguided judgment that Muslims have is that they believe that since Allah is so kind and tolerant, He will excuse everybody. Allah is more cherishing than a mother and since a mother can’t tolerate seeing his youngster in agony, Allah , likewise, won’t have the option to bear His manifestations in torment.

Indeed, let me give you a model. You make two robots. One of them functions as you need it to while different doesn’t. Will you keep both of you or discard the pointless one? Obviously, except if you don’t gather garbage you’ll discard it. Also, those individuals who comply with Allah’s orders will be remunerated by being shipped off Heaven while the ones who don’t obey Allah (God) will be pointless and will be shipped off Hell.

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