Bikini Contest Guide

You are young, have a great body, love to have fun, love the sun and sea and love to get attention? Maybe a bikini contest is something for you.

Bikini contests are held throughout the whole year in different states and cities. Even if you have the drive for it you can go around the world entering these contests. They may pay for your hotel and flight ticket if you have a good reputation in your bikini contesting career.

So how do you start? First you need to Bikini look around which contests are held and where they are. If you are a beginner i can advise you to look at local contests to see if a bikini contest is something you like. Once you have selected one you can ask fellow bikini contestants for information and learn everything about the world of bikinis, jury and attention.

What to wear? A bikini contest is all about bikinis, so choose a bikini where you feel confident in and ask your friends how they think about your look. There are several bottoms to enter the contest with: you can wear a thong or normal bottom, high-cut or med-cut. The most important thing after your confidence is how the bikini fits your body and that you have a tanned body. A nicely tanned body always looks better and will make the judges smile.

What to do on stage? When you are on stage you are going to show of your body. The judges will look at your body and bikini, your stance, your smile, your hair, your posture, your body tone and overall demeanor. Try to make eye contact and always smile! The judges will pick the contestant that they think had it all. In some contests the audience will pick the winner by making sound. The contestant that creates the most sound in the audience will probably win the contest.

Now you know what it takes to enter a bikini contest. Try it out and be confident on stage. Have fun doing it and let the judges know you have fun and are confident. You meet nice people and learn a lot, most bikini contestants are hooked after the first time. I’ll bet you are!

Peter B Murphy loves to judge bikini contests and pick the hottest girl in bikini. He thinks a women in a Corona extra bikini have an advantage because men like Corona. Budweiser bikinis get also high grades in contests because men like beer.



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