Helen Keller Quotes – An Inspiration To Us All

Now and then we need that motivation to help us through life. Searching for motivation is an incredible procedure to expand fearlessness. In any case, who ought to move you?

Well that is consistently down to individual inclination and your character however this article is about a woman who, in spite of her difficulties, had a beneficial outcome in the public arena and is unquestionably an individual I respect and draw motivation from. Her name is Helen Keller.


Helen Keller was brought into the world in Alabama in the United States on 27th June 1880. She was an exceptionally solid youngster yet when 19 months old she had a hazardous fever that would characterize her. Helen battled the fever and endure anyway the disease had left her visually impaired and demise (it was thought the sickness was meningitis).

Anne Sullivan

Helen’s folks battled with her and she grew up a baffled and a troublesome youngster. Matured 6 years of age her edgy guardians searched for counsel. It came from an abnormal source Alexander Graham Bell. His work was to encourage hard of hearing youngsters and he recommended that they apply for Perkins Institution for the Blind and discover an instructor for youthful Helen. This they did and they got Anne Sullivan what herself’s identity was for all intents and purposes daze.

The Water Pump Moment

In spite of a rough beginning to their relationship, a ‘marvel’ was to happen a simple month later. Anne effectively instructed Helen to convey, how? Through a water siphon. Anne spelled the word ‘water’ in one of Helen’s hands and in Helen’s other hand she ran water. Something clicked in Helen’s mind and Helen comprehended what water was! Utilizing this procedure Helen immediately found out about different items. Utilizing braille Helen immediately figured out how to peruse and compose. Her advancement was astounding.

Cross country Fame

The proprietor of the Perkins Institution for the Blind Michael Anagnos was quick to advance Helen. This prompted a flood of exposure about Helen as she was regularly captured understanding Shakespeare. She even met the leader of USA as of now! She even figured out how to talk in addition to by utilizing her fingers over an individual’s mouth even figured out how to ‘hear’ others.

In spite of her difficulties she adjusted and never let her actual handicap debilitate her life. She utilized the maximum capacity of her psyche and abilities to accomplish extraordinary things throughout everyday life.


Presently having the option to impart, nothing planned to stop Helen Keller now! She was the first deafblind individual to procure a Bachelor of Arts degree. She distributed various articles on legislative issues, and truly broke however with the book “Out of the Dark”. After this current Helen’s as of now immense public picture got around the world. Her and Anne visited the world giving talks, Anne was straightforwardly an interpreter for Helen and the group.

For the rest of her life Helen was engaged with numerous orders, she composed (more than 20 books), she showed up in a film, she crusaded (broadly for Women’s testimonial) and was an incredible pledge drive for some causes, and she continually enlivened particularly hard of hearing and visually impaired individuals.

She resigned from the public eye in 1961 after a stroke, however she actually raising support notwithstanding her delicate wellbeing. The then president Johnson granted her Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1964.


Helen died in 1968. Her inheritance lives on with the Helen Keller Services for the Blind which encourages dazzle individuals to be free.

There is presently a bronze sculpture of Helen at the in the United States Capitol Visitor Center. This portrays Keller remaining at a water siphon, the point which changed her life until the end of time. At the base of the sculpture is the citation (in Braille)

“The best and most delightful things on the planet can’t be seen or even contacted, they should be felt with the heart.”

She is likewise acclaimed for various moving self-assurance statements, for example, “One can never agree to crawl when one feels a motivation to take off.”

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