Strong Immune System – Key to Excellent Health & Life

Immune system is a system created by specialized cells and organs of the organism to protect from adverse affects of outside biological influence. Human body is very sensitive and often tends to react against any external biological attack. An Immune is a shielding created by collection of mechanisms which are used for protecting the human body against any type of infection.

The system is able to detect the pathogens that range from several types of viruses to parasitic worms. Detecting the presence of pathogens is almost impossible as they adapt and find ways to infect the host organism. connectedhealthcenter Hence immune system plays a very crucial role against the attack from outside of the body. Any discrepancies with it will lead to illness and infection.

What is an Immune System and its function?
It is a system that creates defensive shielding against any sort of outside infections and against other invaders of the body. The system consists of cells, organs and tissues. The cells which take active part in the system are white blood cells or leukocytes and are available in two types.

Leukocytes are present in various points in the body such as thymus, bone marrow and spleen hence they are often referred as lymphoid organs. The basic types of leukocytes are phagocytes and lymphocytes which help the body to kill the dangerous invaders.

Weakening of immune system of human body for any reason makes the body vulnerable to any form of illness. Some of the most common symptoms of weak immune system are tiredness, inflammation, fatigue, chronic diarrhea, allergic reactions along with some fungal infections.

Normally a healthy person can get cold and flu two times in a year but if a person is suffering from colds quiet frequently then he or she must be suffering from some immune deficiency.

The immune deficiency leads to many diseases and adverse body conditions. People working at public places or children in school are often exposed to viruses, germs and bacteria hence they are more prone to diseases. Even a person with strong immune system will find it difficult to get through the season of cold and flu due to constant and continuous exposure to these disorders.

Almost all of the people are exposed to viruses and germs at some or the other point of time; some people do not or develop very few symptoms while others are greatly affected by them. Why this happens is a mystery? Most of the doctors and scientists assume that this may be due to varying immune system of people. This may be the reason why people tend to take health supplements for providing a support to immune system.

Andrographis Paniculata or AP is one of the most effective herbs which can be used for strengthening the immune system. This medicine has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for curing cold, flu and inflammation. Some of the other things which are used for improving it are Green tea, olive leaf, piperine and Siberian ginseng and many more.

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