The Right Car Cover

Have you been looking for a car cover but don’t know which cover to buy, I hope this article will help you make that decision. When you are in the market for a cover you will find there are many covers to choose from. A lot of that decision will be based on your location i.e. where the cover will be used and warranty and retailer information. The first thing we will talk about is the location that you will be using this cover. By location I mean are you in the Northern part of the USA or Canada?

Or are you located on the East colorful chair covers coast, West coast, Midwest, Southern states etc. Each one of these locations have their own weather. This should influence your decision on which cover you will need. The cold and snowy states will warrant a waterproof cover that will stand up to snow, ice, rain as well as the sun. There are the three layer and four layer covers that will handle these conditions. Next where the cover will be used, such as a garage or outside in the weather.

If you will be covering a vehicle indoors like a garage, carport or storage building you will need a cover that will block dust and bird droppings also bumps and scratches. They make these covers in single layer and double layer. The single layer cover will stop dust and protect you vehicle if you are storing it. The double layer cover goes one step further by not only stopping dust but also stopping bird droppings from getting thought to your vehicles finish and it will also help protect against bumps and scratches from activity around your vehicle. These two layer covers are great for in the garage or under a carport. they are water resistant and UV treated to help with some exposure to the weather such as what may occur under a carport but are not recommended for outdoor use. Then there are the three and four layer covers made to handle all the conditions from inside storage to full time outdoor use.

The three layer cover has a durable 1st layer with a breathable 2nd layer and a protective 3rd layer, all three of these layers make a waterproof and UV protective cover that will stand up to Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and all your inside and outside storage needs. The four layer covers have all that the three layer cover has and then one more layer of fleece on the inside to protect your clear coat finish, great for your newer and show cars. I know when you are looking for a cover you will see many different types of names for these covers, but in the long run they all have either one to four layers of protection. So now that you know which cover you need the next thing to talk about is warranties.

Covers come with one to five years of protection but they have limited liability. Which means you need to read the warranty and find out what it covers, most warranties cover just the normal manufacturer defects, some cover more. So as a consumer you have to read to make sure your cover will be replaced if something goes wrong. The last thing to talk about is the retailer, there are good retailers and bad, some of them offer a great return policy and even free shipping. There are ways to check on the retailer you want to use, I think that any good retailer should belong to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has a very good reputation of keeping retailers honest.

Check for the BBB link on the web site that you are thinking of using, you can check if there has been any complaints. You can also check the web to see if there has been any complaints about the retailer.

Any reputable retailer should have a customer service number you can call to see if they really stand behind what they advertise. With this information in hand you should now be able to make a good choice in vehicle covers as well as RV, truck, van, boat, ATV, golf cart and any other covers you what to buy. If you would like more information on covers please visit us at



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