Movies, a Way to Criticize Human Nature

Humans throughout history had been characterized by being the only animal in earth that kills the other individuals of their own raze and the planet where they live, we make this by a nonsense act known as war. Many people believe that wars occur because of good ideals such as liberty, freedom and others, but they are wrong, behind wars there are purposes such us money, or do you believe the united states of America invaded Iraq in order to free the people in that country from Saddam Hussein? Well, I don’t and I totally disagree with all wars no matter the reason for what they are fought for. I believe they did that in order to control the grate resources of petroleum that are found on that country, we humans have many defects but the greatest of all of them is that we desire of power above all other things.

If you think, we humans are more like a virus and not mammals, we act like a virus does on a persons body but instead of the body we kill our planet, humans arrive to one place, then they reproduce and consume all the natural resources of that area, finally they leave and get established in another place and then this process is repeated this process again, we are idiots, does a lion ( or any other animal) consume more natural resources that those he needs? No, but we do, and we don’t even care about the consequences that this actions can cause. A way in which this actions had been criticized is movies. For example if we take into account the movie “the wall” which is a musical from an album of Pink Floyd we can see in the lyrics of the songs clear critics to the governments because of the wars, for example in another brick in the wall when it is said ” we don’t need no education” and ” we don’t need thought control” I believe that this is a critic to governments because they hide from people the real reasons because some war is thought and that through several methods they control our way of thinking. From the song called “comfortably numb”,

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