How to Make YouTube Videos With Windows Movie Maker

To properly create, edit, and upload videos to YouTube is not a difficult process once you do it. Recording the footage, editing it, and uploading it to YouTube can be simple and easy once streamlined. Hopefully the information in this article allows you to streamline this process faster than normal.

First off, you need to record the footage. To do this, I use a the Nikon COOLPIX S550 digital camera. It has a great picture, captures sound really well, has zoom options, and is a great bargain at around $150. If you don’ t have a camera currently, you can use a webcam (not recommended) or buy a flip-camera for $100 or so. The most important thing to consider is the whether or not what you want to use has a microphone – that is essential. Once you have the equipment, go to a quiet place. Look directly at the camera, speak clearly, and be yourself! Being yourself is the most powerful marketing tool there is. People are drawn to genuineness. Then record your footage and transfer it from the recording device to a folder on your computer.

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