Fitted Chair Covers Are Excellent Promotional Products

Fitted chair covers are a common promotional product that can be used for personalising any tradeshow, banquet, or similar event. The covers can display the company’s name, corporate logo, or art. They will fit onto the backs of any standard chairs, eliminating the need to take measurements prior to purchasing them. They can also be used for bus headrests for promotional purposes. These products may have elastic side attachments or Velcro tabs for a more secure fit (optional).

These items typically come blank,printed chair coversĀ  allowing you to have any artwork placed onto them. If you purchase them online, you may be asked whether you want to upload your artwork files through the manufacturer’s website or email them with your printing instructions. It may take up to two weeks for the manufacturer to produce the printed fitted chair covers for you (this will largely depend on the size of your order). Thus, it may be a good idea to have them ordered way ahead of the event to ensure that they are ready for you when you need them. Rush production is also available, but it may cost extra.

The method of artwork reproduction will vary from one company to another. The most common types of printing onto the fitted chair covers are digital and silkscreen:

1. Digital reproduction is a process of reproducing an image from a computer directly onto the surface. It’s typically used for short runs (under 1,000 pieces). This new technology has the presses linked to a computer, so there’s no need in film or plates, which must be employed in other technologies. Digital technology uses full colour and enables the use of unlimited colours, so you will not have to have any special preparation of your files prior to sending them to the manufacturer. Pros: fast, affordable, can use most everyday materials, including textured flat surfaces like those of the fitted chair covers. Cons: lower print quality.

2. Silkscreen reproduction is a stencilling technology that uses a cut stencil and ink to reproduce coloured artwork on a fabric. Pros: it can use a wider range of surfaces (including woven fabrics), and is considered to produce higher quality prints. Cons: it may cost more than other processes.

The reproduction method will depend on the item’s fabric/colour. The fitted chair covers made of no woven disposable materials like polyethylene sheeting, use the digital method. The covers made of reusable materials like polyester/cotton fabric, use the silkscreen method. The materials for the digital method typically come in lighter colours like white, silver, neutral, and aqua. The materials for the silkscreen process come in an array of darker colours, including blue, red, and black. Either type of printing may be included in the price or come as a separate service at an extra charge.

Many organisations, including businesses, schools, sports teams, and others, use fitted chair covers as one of their promotional products. Other such products to consider include mugs, pens, key rings, bags, desktop mouse pads, and others. If you are considering ordering chair covers, note that similarly to other promotional products, they typically require bulk orders. Many companies have minimum order policies, e.g., $100.

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