Enhance Your ClickBank Conversions With Automated Bonuses

For some time now I have been developing affiliate web sites that promote ClickBank products. As a software developer I have been able to take advantage of automated bonus delivery – an option not available to most affiliates. Until now.

Affiliate marketers hardly need to be sold on the idea of offering bonuses to their prospects as an incentive to purchase products through their affiliate link. In fact, if you are marketing to affiliate marketers themselves, you have virtually NO chance of making the sale unless you DO offer a substantial bonus. Otherwise there is no reason why the prospect should not simply buy the product through their own affiliate link.

But many affiliates do not bother to offer bonuses. Part of the reason for this is that preparing suitable bonuses can take time and money. The best bonuses are custom creations prepared especially for the promotion at hand, and when done right are viewed as MUST HAVE items that compel the prospect to click through and buy.

But bonus creation is not the only problem that an affiliate faces when they put together a bonus incentivized affiliate site. There is also the problem of bonus delivery.


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