Online And Smartphone App Voting Will Bring Us Near Full Voting Participation

How many times have you heard a friend admit they didn’t vote? The excuses are endless. I didn’t like the candidates, I didn’t have time to study the information, I was busy that day, Voting doesn’t matter the system is corrupt, or a number of other diversion tactics from the truth – they were just lazy. Voter apathy is a dangerous disease for a culture, society or civilization, it can cause harm to the city, county, state, territory, or country. Voting is a right in the US, and it is very important to exercise that right. Those who do not vote and don’t believe in the system hurt the system by their failure to participate.

If we had online and smartphone apps to vote I bet participation would be near 100%, and I bet that becomes a reality in the future. Our Think Tank took up this issue and discussed all the aspects of a safe and secure online voting system recently. Lead Think Tanker Cody Hunt stated:

“The increase in voting turn out it will help the idea of pure democracy because in our country we like to have the idea that everyone has an equal say in the decisions our country makes and they do but they have to be willing to go through the process first and lots of young Americans don’t like to go through this process because we are used to having things at easy access.”


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