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So you are going to start your newsletter and are looking for a newsletter producing software to help you create your newsletter issues and then publish them to your list of subscribers.

If you start looking for such a software tool in Google, you will see there are so many choices available for you that makes you confused. You wonder which one is the best for YOUR newsletter and budget.

Well, here are the top 3 newsletter software and

Newsletter Software #1: Nvu (free)

Nvu (pronounced “n-view”) is a good free HTML editing software that gives you many of the advanced features that other paid programs offer. I first found out about it mandiribisnis through an Internet forum.

It’s a WYSIWYG HTML editor (“What You See Is What You Get”), which means you can design HTML pages using its graphical interface and then after you publish your page, it will look the same as it does in the program.

So you can easily create your HTML newsletter using this software and send it to your subscribers list, and it will look the same on their computer.

Newsletter Software #2: Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is known as THE best website design and development software program available. This makes it also the best software for creating HTML newsletters.

You can also use it to create and edit your website professionally. So it’s a great investment in my opinion. I’ve been using Dreamweaver for over 4 years and it has helped me and made my work easier.

I used to use Microsoft FrontPage, but after hearing a lot of good things about Dreamweaver, I decided to try it. And I’m glad I did because it’s much better than FrontPage.

Also here you can find professional free HTML newsletter templates to use for your newsletter and save yourself a lot of time.

Newsletter Software #3: A Newsletter Publishing Software

To send out your newsletter to your list of subscribers, you need to use a newsletter publishing software. Because it will be impossible to send your newsletter one by one to thousands of people.

That’s where a newsletter publishing software will help you. It will automatically mail your newsletter without you lifting a finger other than clicking on the “Send” button. 🙂

If your newsletter software is based on YOUR computer, depending on your computer and Internet speed, it may take quite a long time to send out your newsletter if you have a large list of subscribers. It can take an hour or even more.

But if you use an online web-based software, it will use the server’s connection speed which is super fast to send your newsletter, and then it can take only several minutes.

Final Thought

OK, there you have it!

These three newsletter software tools that you discovered today are very powerful. Now you just need to choose which ones to use.

Of course there are several other newsletter formats available: PDF, Word, plain text, and so on. Here’s a helpful guide to learn more about other popular newsletter formats to see which one is right for you.

You can get these Free Newsletter Templates to create your own newsletter easily and fast, and save yourself a lot of time.

Ladan Lashkari is the author of this article and is giving away lots of helpful tips and ideas to help you start your own successful newsletter.



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