Buying a Swimming Pool

Regardless of what you might believe, this is the time of year to start building a swimming pool. If we can call it this, Swimming Pool Building Season will last until early spring. Then, the prices will start going back up to their normal rates.

So, call some contractors or talk to some of your friends who might know who can build your pool and get on the ball. You’ll have a wonderful swimming pool this time next year. But, there are some things you need to do to make sure you have the right person building your pool and that you end up with exactly what you want.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth can be both pool contractor good and bad. If you have friends who have hired someone to build their pool and they did a great job, your best bet is to go with them. Ask your friends who it was and get a hold of that contractor. You can’t miss.

Likewise, if you have friends who have a horror story about a pool builder, your best bet is to stay away from that one. Finding a good pool builder is no easy task. There are plenty of contractors advertising. Whether they are in the phone book, the newspaper or online, there are plenty of contractors who aren’t qualified at all. But, they can talk a good game.

Your investigation skills have to be above average to make sure that the pool of your dreams doesn’t become a money pit that never seems to make you happy. So, word of mouth is good. Word of mouth works. But, you might want to dig a little deeper.

Do the Math

When you know what kind of pool you want, put a list of things you’ll need together. Then, price everything so that you’ll have a ballpark figure. You won’t have anything exact. But, what you have will work. You’ll have a list of items that will be priced over what a contractor gets charged.

So you’ll already have an advantage, especially if you don’t know the contractor and they weren’t referred by someone you trust. When you ask the contractor for a quote, you will know immediately if they are priced properly or not. Make sure you keep in mind that contractors add for labor. Follow up questions about the quote should include how much you are being charged for labor and you’re back in the ballpark.

Ask Questions

Don’t act like an interrogator! You want to put a contractor you are interviewing at ease. Let them be as friendly as they want and ask your questions in a conversational tone, timing them to go with the conversation. A substandard contractor will pick up on all the questions and get annoyed. They might even show visible signs of getting upset. That’s when you know that you need to keep searching for a good contractor.

A good contractor will answer all of your questions without hesitation. They might even ask you if you have any other questions. Most of the time, they will meet with you and begin their presentation answering all of the questions you might have prepared for them. That’s when you know you have a good one.

It’s easy to get scammed these days. I hate to see it when it happens. That’s why I like to help people get prepared to buy a swimming pool because it’s about the second or third largest purchase you are ever going to make. Make sure you know you have the right person for the job.

Frank Castle has spent over 35 years in the swimming pool industry. Having been raised in a family owned pool service company, Frank realized at a young age that he wanted to dedicate his life to designing and building award winning pools. As a young salesman working with a nationwide builder and later a custom builder, Frank became one of the most successful salesmen in the nation, earning many distinctions and awards for salesmanship and design excellence over his career.

Since 2002 Frank has acted as a consultant and strategist for many companies in the swimming pool construction and service industry. Frank has turned his focus and knowledge to help create a series of books and information products to help consumers make educated decisions when it comes to purchasing an in-ground swimming pool. Visit How to Buy a Swimming Pool and get up-to-date information you will need when it comes to purchasing your very own in-ground swimming pool.



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