Simple Wedding Bouquets For the DIY Bride

The average cost of a wedding is anywhere around $15,000 – $25,000 and this depends greatly on the region you live in. Wedding flowers can take up to 8-10% of this budget, therefore opting for a simple wedding bouquet can make all the difference.

Choosing a simple wedding simplestartllc bouquet is a rising trend among the modern brides of today gone are the mountains of cascading flowers that was once popular back in the day.

Simple carries elegance along with it, and with the ever-growing trend of the DIY bride a simple bouquet is the way forward.

Its not just the DIY bride choosing the simple route but brides choose simplicity for many reasons: they rather not overshadow the sleek elegant wedding gown or for the plain simple reason convenience.

For the DIY bride choosing to arrange their own wedding can be a big task, however doing so can reduce the cost of the wedding budget drastically, keeping the whole arrangement on a reasonable level will prove that you can still have stunning wedding flowers without the hole in your pocket.

If you are considering to make your own wedding flowers choosing a simple wedding bouquet might be a wise idea as the less work need to construct the bouquet the easier it will be for you.

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