Shoutout Pages: How to Get Followers on Instagram Without Spending a Dime

Instagram has    emerged as a mainstream advertising platform over time, with over 1 billion average monthly customers.

Any emblem that wants to growth their on-line presence can not forget about Instagram of their digital marketing initiatives. Especially for a brand new brand looking to get a few exposure, it’s miles a platform that can help you attain a relevant audience with out spending something. Instagram shoutouts are one of the first-class approaches to do that.

Shoutout Pages: How to Get Followers on Instagram Without Spending a Dime
What is an Instagram Shoutout?
How to Find Relevant Shoutout Pages
How to Do Your Outreach
Different Ways to Get Free Shoutouts
Final Thoughts
What is an Instagram Shoutout?
A shoutout is whilst a person mentions you or your brand on their Instagram and asks their followers to test out your page. They typically do it by way of posting a photograph of your Instagram profile page and tagging your brand.

They can also exhibit a number of your merchandise or considered one of your Instagram pictures and tag your logo. Check out this put up in which a shoutout web page has posted a image by means of the photographer, Manan, and tagged him inside the description.

Image thru Instagram

You can definitely attain out to applicable money owed and ask them to give you a shoutout in change for a shoutout from you. It’s a co-advertising technique that benefits each events worried.

How to Find Relevant Shoutout Pages
Find Instagram Pages That Post Similar Content as Your Page
When seeking out pages that you can attain to get a shoutout, continually take a look at for applicable pages from within your area of interest. This is due to the fact they’ll have an audience base this is applicable to you and that you could goal on your very own page.

Getting a shoutout from random pages which are not even from your enterprise gained’t do you any right. For instance, when you have a cosmetics enterprise, you’ll gain from getting shoutouts from splendor bloggers and influencers. If you get a shoutout from a popular travel blogger, it’d assist you reach a extensive audience, however those humans won’t be as inquisitive about your emblem.

Here are some ways in which you can find such pages on your area of interest:

Search Using Industry-Specific Hashtags
If you’re searching out money owed in your niche, one of the exceptional ways to accomplish that is to peer who else is the use of similar hashtags as you do. A easy hashtag search on Instagram will come up with a listing of posts that use the same hashtag.

For instance, if you have a meals enterprise in a particular location, you can look for neighborhood food-related hashtags to look for local food influencers or pages. Let’s say you have got a eating place in Manhattan and want to look for applicable, neighborhood shoutout pages. If you begin typing hashtags like #manhattanfood or #manhattanfoodie within the Instagram seek container. Instagram will mechanically show you the maximum famous hashtags, as proven beneath.

Image via Instagram

Open these pages to locate applicable shoutout pages in your enterprise. For example, let’s say you chose #manhattanfoodie. Then you will get a listing of posts that used that hashtag (as shown underneath).

Image via Instagram

Next, you check out the top posts till you find something relevant, like the instance proven underneath. The @girlswhocrave page gives everyday shoutouts to nearby eating places, and it is a relevant shoutout page that you could reach out to.

Image through Instagram

Search for Influencers in Your Niche Using Influencer Tools
This is a slightly less difficult way to locate influencers for your niche. All you want to do is locate an influencer finding tool like BuzzStream or BuzzSumo. You want to go into some enterprise-related keywords and add applicable filters, and you may get a listing of influencers.

Here is an example of the kind of end result that you can assume from such platforms.

Image thru BuzzSumo

Select Pages With a Similar Follower Count As Yours
If you’re looking for free shoutouts in alternate for shoutouts, you want to be truthful and contact best the ones debts that are similar in size as yours. If you’ve got 500 fans and you ask a page with 100k fans to provide a shoutout for a shoutout, it will no longer gain them.

So, you want to think about it as a mutually-useful association and attain out only to comparable-sized bills.

How to Do Your Outreach
Start by means of Liking and Commenting on Their Posts
Before you reach out to any Instagram page soliciting for a shoutout, it’s continually better to get them to notice you first. You can begin your outreach through following them and attractive with their content. You can like or comment on their posts and construct a rapport with them. If they already recognise you whilst you reach out to them for a shoutout request, they’re more likely to reply on your request.

Then Reach Out Directly
The next step in your outreach procedure is to attain out to these pages both the usage of a right away message or electronic mail. Don’t just ask them for a shoutout to your first message. First, start a conversation with them after which percentage your proposal.

You can do this via praising them for their recent posts or telling them how plenty you want their feed or content. Once they respond in your message, then you can endorse a shoutout for shoutout kind of a deal. Make certain that the account which you are accomplishing out to will also advantage from a shoutout from you.

For example, test out the subsequent hypothetical communique among a logo trying to reach out to a shoutout web page. You can observe a comparable template on your outreach.

Brand: Hi, I absolutely love your Instagram feed, and I can see the amount of effort you positioned into your superb posts. Keep up the best paintings!

Target Page: Hey, thanks for the appreciation.

Brand: I actually have a comparable page to yours on which I submit about “PAGE DESCRIPTION.” I was questioning if you might be inquisitive about giving us a shoutout in exchange for a shoutout from us. Since we target the equal form of target market, it’ll be at the same time beneficial for both people.

Target Page: That appears like a high-quality concept. Let’s get in contact to discuss this in more detail.
The identical logic applies to emails as nicely. You need to warm them up by means of complimenting them on their paintings after which pitch a win-win inspiration.

Here is an instance of such an electronic mail template:

Hi [NAME],

I am [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR COMPANY NAME]. I lately saw your put up [LINK] and become simply impressed with it.

I’m reaching out to you because I actually have a page that your audiences may love. It’s an [PAGE DESCRIPTION] page that is pretty just like the sort of content material which you submit.

Would you be interested in getting a shoutout from us and giving us a shoutout in return?

I suppose this can be beneficial for each of us and our audiences gets to engage with more content material that they like.

If this pastimes you, please respond with a appropriate time for a fast discussion.

Look forward to listening to from you.


Using this technique, you can efficiently reach out to shoutout pages and get a loose shoutout from applicable Instagram pages.

Different Ways to Get Free Shoutouts
While the concept of having a shoutout is simple, it isn’t constantly smooth to get loose shoutouts. But be concerned now not, we’re right here that will help you.

Here are a few methods in which you could get a unfastened shoutout on your Instagram page:

Shoutouts for Shoutouts
This is the most generally used way of getting a unfastened shoutout in which comparable types of Instagram money owed provide a shoutout to every different.

Take this submit from photographer, Bejan Sergiu Vasile, in which he tagged the shoutout page, Holiday Leave, in an effort to get a shoutout returned from them.

Image through Instagram

Holiday Leave answered through giving a shoutout to Bejan Sergiu Vasile. The publish got greater than 1000 likes.

Image thru Instagram

Free Shoutouts From Brands for Their Users
A lot of manufacturers use person-generated content for his or her Instagram feeds and tag the human beings whose content material they proportion. This is likewise an awesome way to get a shoutout at no cost.

This can be useful for humans/pages who need to increase their follower count number. For example, a meals-related web page or influencer getting a shoutout from a restaurant’s Instagram page could help them get more fans. Or a travel influencer getting a shoutout from a hotel logo can assist them attain a relevant audience.

Take the example of camera logo Canon. Canon USA’s Instagram page is filled with photographs taken with the aid of humans using a Canon digital camera. They ask people to proportion their posts the usage of the hashtag #mycanonstory, and the first-rate pix get featured on Canon’s Instagram page.

The emblem offers a shoutout to the photographer even as sharing their post on Instagram. This facilitates those photographers increase their reach and get extra fans.

Image thru Instagram

Free Shoutouts through Entering Shoutout Contests
A lot of Instagram pages and influencers run shoutout contests in which they ask people to observe their page or observe a few instructions to get a loose shoutout. These are generally pages with a large follower base who’re looking to similarly improve their attain.

Smaller pages can take part in such contests to get a loose shoutout from a much larger Instagram web page.

Check out the following shoutout contest, as an instance. This web page is attempting to gain some active followers through giving free shoutouts.

Image via Instagram

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