Danube Delta – The Last Natural Paradise in Europe

Danube Delta is probably the last truly wild place in Europe, a stretch of land and water that offers a comfortable place to live to an incredible diverse wildlife and an incredible spectacle of nature to visitors. With over three hundred and twenty species of birds and 1500 species of fish, it has one of the biggest biodiversity in the world.

Because not many people yet know about it, the Danube Delta offers a rare opportunity for a true nature passionate to spend a few days in the middle of what could easily be called Paradise.

Being chosen as the “Landscape of the year 2007-2009” by The International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River, there are plenty of nature-related activities you can choose to spend your time with.

Bird watching

Danube Delta is an El Dorado for the true birdwatchers. Nowhere in the world will you see so many species of birds crowded all together in a small place. You will find here over half of the world’s population of cormorants and the largest population of pelicans.

You will also have the pleasure to see the winter and summer swan, the white tailed eagle, wild ducks and geese, cranes, egrets, spoon bills, red neck geese, eastern flossy ibis, white, gray, yellow and red herons, bald coots, Dobrudjan hawks, storks, and many flamingo birds.

To go on a bird watching trip, you can either to book a trip with one of the many specialized agencies here, or you can simply choose to hire one of the locals to take you on a private boat ride. Usually, the second choice will be the most interesting because the locals know the best places to visit and they have many entertaining stories to complete the picture.


Fishing is one of the most popular escolhasegura activities here. With over 1500 species of fish, this place is the favorite place for many recreational fishermen to spend their holidays. Among the fish you can catch here, you’ll have the surprise to see the great sturgeon, the catfish, carp, pike and a whole lot more.

Now, at the end of the day, to celebrate a great day of fishing, somebody should prepare the traditional fish soup, or ‘bors de peste’. Again, a local will do it best. Trust me; you won’t eat anything like this anywhere else! It is simply delicious!


Ah, yes… The beaches… If you want to catch a tan and also have some privacy, the 30 km stretch of wild beach between Sulina and Sf. Gheorghe is just perfect. There are no people anywhere near and you will most like have the chance to see the only pack of wild horses in Europe roaming around.

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