Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Discus Fish

There are several things that you need to know about the Discus Fish. These things are very important since you need to have the utmost understanding about this fish in order for them to survive as your pets. The Discus Fish is the kind of fish that is really sensitive with their surroundings. Therefore, if you do not provide them with the right kind of environment, they have a risk of catching diseases which results in illness and death. However, if you are equipped with the right knowledge about this fish, you would be able to prevent them from being sick and dying in the process.

As aforementioned, this fish is very sensitive with the environment that they live in. If you plan on keeping them as pets and breeding them, you must have the right tank, filter, food, and water temperature. This kind of fish needs a clean tank that is not too small for them. Therefore, overcrowding the tank with your fish is not advised. They need the space to swim around since they are used to living in big bodies of fresh water. The water temperature should be just right for this fish. In addition, installing the right filter is also a good idea since this fish is responsive about its environment.

The Discus Fish originated from the Amazon discus fish charters area in South America. They mostly live in streams, rivers, and lakes. Therefore, it would be better if you copy the environment that they live in to suit their needs. If they are not provided with the sufficient environment that would make them feel comfortable to live in, the Discus would ultimately get sick and die. It is very important that you, as a probable owner, know the specific details about the fish. It would ultimately help you in taking good care of your pet.

One of the essential indicators that you can use in determining the male from the male discus fish is the appearance. The male discus usually has a small lump on their heads. However, the best time to distinguish the male from the female species is during their mating season. The contour of the genital papillae of the male members of this species is different from the female members of this species. The male discus has a pointed contour while the female discus has a round shaped contour. During their mating season, both males and females should be transferred to a clean tank.

In conclusion, as a probable owner of this magnificent fish, you should have an ample amount of knowledge before you start raising them as pets. It is important that you understand these things since raising this fish requires commitment and a sense of responsibility.

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