Jean Casarez as network’s New York bureau

Jean Casarez is a journalist for CNN covering a wide assortment of stories for the organization including legitimate and wrongdoing, examination and breaking news. She is situated in the organization’s New York agency.

Casarez broke the news to the nation of 2017’s mass Las Vegas shooting with her short-term announcing from the Vegas strip. She additionally covered the breaking information on New York’s 2016 Chelsea bombarding case, and has been the organization’s reporter for the Larry Nassar rape case and condemning hearing, Bill Cosby’s capture, preliminary and conviction for obscene rape, West Virginia’s substance water spill and O.J. Simpson’s delivery from jail. She is at present engaged with revealing the criminal argument against Harvey Weinstein. jimnews

Casarez found and sought after the instance of a man who is amidst a long term jail sentence for breaking 13 bones of his newborn child. From the very beginning James Duncan announced his honesty. Casarez took a top to bottom gander at the proof getting interviews with Duncan himself in jail and vital participants on the two sides. Those meetings turned into an ideal time narrative for CNN “Broken Bones…Shattered Lives.”

The court has now requested for Duncan to have a meeting this tumble to decide whether his decision ought to be upset dependent on new proof that his child really had metabolic bone infection.

Casarez has done other long structure work for the organization including Jon Benet’s Murder, the Drew Peterson case, Bill Cosby’s ascent and fall alongside a forthcoming narrative on the 40th commemoration of the capture of chronic executioner John Wayne Gacy.

She likewise covered court procedures including Anna Nicole Smith in Florida and the Bahamas covering the International lawful part of Smith’s less than ideal demise.

In 2011, Casarez traveled to Lima Peru for the CNN organizations to cover the capture of Joran van der Sloot in the homicide of a Peruvian undergrad. While there she and her group had the option to acquire admittance to Peru’s most extreme security jail Castro, talking with detainees and Peru’s Director of Prisons about the nation’s remedial framework.

At the point when Court TV got known as In Session in 2009 she covered the prominent preliminaries of George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony, Conrad Murray and Jodi Arias. Casarez got the first plunk down meeting with the Zimmerman safeguard group of Mark O’Mara and Don West for the CNN networks. Also, she plunked down just before Casey Anthony’s capital punishment preliminary with her lawyer Cheney Mason for an inside and out gander at the test before him.

Prior to joining CNN, she was a journalist for Turner Broadcasting’s organization Court TV, joining the organization in 2003. In her job she covered prominent lawful procedures around the nation including O.J. Simpson’s capturing preliminary, the social liberties preliminary of Edgar Ray Killen, Kobe Bryant, the homicide of Jon Benet Ramsey, Scott Peterson’s condemning decision and the criminal preliminary of Elizabeth Smart’s ruffian Brian David Mitchell

Casarez, who is an individual from the Nevada and Texas bars, is likewise an authorized lawyer in the U.S. Southern District Court of Texas.

Prior to working at the organization level, she was the end of the week anchor and columnist for KOLO-TV in Reno Nevada. Before that, she delivered the newsmagazine show First Edition and filled in as the City Hall correspondent and fill-in anchor at KENS-TV in San Antonio, Texas.

Brought up in Long Beach, California, Casarez moved on from the University of Southern California and got her Juris Doctor certificate from Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles. While in graduate school, she won ahead of everyone else in a statewide Moot Court rivalry and helped with setting up a Writ of Certiorari for the United States Supreme Court. She additionally clerked with the Nevada firm of Gallagher and Tratos while a law understudy.

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