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Researchers have shown an increase of multi-vitamins being deposited into port-a-potties as of late. If this is the case, are your really getting the nutrients that your multi-vitamin says you are getting? Do not be fooled or scammed by the people who claim things that your vitamins give you! Test your vitamins out yourself, and see if you are really getting the nutrients you pay for.

Here is a simple test you can do to see if you are getting the nutrients you pay for:

First off; you’ll need a glass of Natural Supplement Ingredient Manufacturer water and a normal dosage of your vitamins.

Put your vitamins into the glass of water and let it sit for 10 or so minutes. What we are doing is seeing if your vitamin actually breaks down so your body can use the nutrients. After 10 minutes passes you will either find that your vitamin is still sitting is the glass unaltered or you will see that your vitamin is smaller and the water is a colored differently. If your vitamin is unaltered then you are among the millions who have not been getting the nutrients you pay for. If your vitamin is smaller and the water is colored differently, then you are among the few who are actually getting nutrients. If you don’t think 10 minutes is enough time to break down your vitamins, then wait half an hour to an hour- you will see there are no difference in results.

Why is your vitamin not breaking down? To spare going completely technical and scientific, I’ll break it down into easy terms. Basically, your vitamins are synthetically and chemically made. They are made to sell, not to break down. This is why people who clean port-a-potties have been finding several million tablets all the same across the United States. People are passing the vitamins through their systems unaltered. Our bodies are not able to break the vitamins down, so we just pass them through. What your body needs is something natural that will break down so you can absorb the nutrients.

There are several all natural vitamins on the market, but ranked top above them all is nutrilite. Nutrilite is actually what NASA astronauts use, Olympic athletes, the Orlando Magic basketball team and several other top performing professionals. The manufacturer of Nutrilite’s top selling multivitamin Double X take pride in their all organic mega multivitamin, by not using any machines to till the grounds, not using any pesticides to kill insects and not allowing any aircraft of any sort to fly over the fields the vitamins are grown in. The ground Double X is grown in is tilled by earthworms, maintained by lady-bugs (which eat the insects) and is kept free of rodents destroying the crops by birds and hawks. This may sound absurd, but there is a reason that NASA requires their people to take theses vitamins and not some other brand. When compared to other vitamins, Double X completely stands and leaves no room for judgment. Asafa Powell (the world’s fastest 100 yard dasher) improved his time by changing only one aspect of his life- the vitamin he took. Before using Double X, Asafa’s time was not improving- No longer than one week of using Double X, Asafa’s time improved, and later he was able to claim the world record for the 100 yard dash. When asked what improved his time, his answer was Double X by Nutrilite.

Now don’t blow what I am saying out of proportion, Double X is not the miracle vitamin that will fix all of your health problems and solve the world’s unanswered questions, but when it come to giving your body what needs, it excels! If you put Double X through the water challenge and look at the ingredients, you will see why Double X is the number one choice of top performing professionals all around the world!

I have listed a website below that hosts several products that I have found worth-while that are 100 % organic, diabetic friendly, has free shipping, and also has a 90 day guarantee. You can even open the product and use it-not like it, send it back in and still get a 100% refund- no questions asked! Click the link below to see the products and prices!



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